Chris King
Chief Executive Officer

Severn Academies Educational Trust is committed to making a difference to young lives. By delivering excellence in every phase of provision, giving students the very best personal development opportunities and experiences we empower them to grow into outstanding young people, who lead brilliant lives.

Our vision is built around the principles of personal growth, community and excellence. These principles permeate through every aspect of our work, ensuring a broad and enriching experience where students are proud of their own individual achievements as well as those of their broader school and Trust community.

We are ambitious for every student we teach and every person who works with us. We aim to create a community of successful lifelong learners, who are equipped to thrive.

SAET is a sponsoring multi-academy trust, supporting children and families within schools ranging from nursery provision all the way through to post 16 study. As ‘stand out’ schools in their own right, each of our schools maintain their individuality and their unique role within their local community. Being part of a multi-academy trust provides a strong and supportive base, working collaboratively and learning from each other to ensure opportunities to inspire, challenge and instil a love of learning are afforded to each of our young people.

Our success can be attributed to our talented and highly dedicated staff and governors who work with our students to shape the culture and ethos of our schools so that each individual feels valued for their contribution. These positive relationships are vital in fostering an inclusive environment where confidence, self-esteem and resilience are nurtured.

Our Trust Pledge outlines our commitment to developing our students to be well-rounded individuals, ensuring our young people enjoy their learning and develop transferable skills, values and qualities in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

You are welcome to visit any one of our schools, where you will experience these values first hand.